Online video poker

At the present times, it’s a fact that video poker games are not as popular as they were sometimes back. However, there still remain a great number of enthusiast as well as people that are interested in this game. It is great for both recreational and for gambling. Therefore, it goes without saying that the time spent in learning this game is not lost and as a matter of fact it is well spent since it is really rewarding to play online video poker. We are going to look at some of the most common free online video poker games. At the same time, we will make a small analysis of their complexity, suitability as well as a general rule. Therefore, this will be a great piece for all the gaming community in this sphere and more so the people seeking to join and play video poker for free online.
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We will attempt to write a detailed guide while at the same time be accurate so that it can be a reliable source of reference. This is the evidence that there are very few materials on the web on the topic of playing video poker online for money, and some of the existing items are inaccurate.
To achieve the objectives of this guide, we will attempt to sample some of the most popular games one by one so that readers can get the full picture and in a detailed way. It is also worth mentioning that the order in the listing is in no way an indication of how suitable or preferred a game is. This piece will also mention on how to play free video poker games online.


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Tens or Better

This is one of the famous online video poker for money games. It is a simpler variant of the Jacks or Better, and it is highly recommended for those that would wish to learn the latter or generally an introduction to a video poker casino game. Learning the basics of this game is important in making a player be in a position to understand five card draw poker. In this game, the ranking of hand is similar to that of a standard poker and the sole difference is that the winning hand on the minimum is a pair of tens or better and as a matter of fact, this is where the name is coined from.
The objective of these online video poker games is to get a five-card poker hand with a winning combination. When issued with the cards, the player has an option of changing the cards they do not wish to hold. However, it should be noted that this is a one-time chance.
To play the game, you will be required to make a choice on the coins you wish to bet for every round. This is done in mainly two ways one of which is to add one using the plus and minus buttons or selecting bet max which will, in turn, select the maximum allowed coins.

Deuces wild

In this variation of the online video poker, all twos are wild. In this game, four of a kind gives a lower payout than video poker games without any wild cards. The game is played using a standard 52 cards deck and is one of the most frequently played video poker games online. In particular, deuces are considered wild, and they are used to substitute any other card for forming a winning hand.
The fact that the deuces can substitute the rest of the cards makes the game much easier to win though there is a challenge that the pay table is tighter than it is the case with the majority of the other games.
The rules of play in this game are simple and straight forward, and this makes it interesting even for those in the entry level of the game. The rules also appear to be in line with those of the majority of the other variants of video poker casino games. The bet is to be placed at the beginning of the game, and the participant is dealt five cards. With the five, the player may hold all the five cards given or discard but only up to five cards in an attempt to make the best winning hand. The presence of deuces in this game is what makes it highly volatile and truly exciting than the other poker games in its category.

Jacks or Better

This is considered to be the mother of the majority of the video poker games, and it is also referred to as draw poker. As a matter of fact, the majority of these casino video poker games are a variant of this model that is in most cases aimed at increasing the odds.
The payoff in this variant commences with a pair of jacks. A full house has a payoff of 9 times the value of the stake while the flush has a pay of 6 times what was at stake. With this variant, there are a number of ways in which you can have a winning hand this is by having a high, a royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind among several other.
Having the understanding of this game and how to play video poker in general and actually being in a position to play is a great thing as these are the type of machines that one can expect to find in virtually every casino and at the same time they have good stakes even on the online casinos. At the same time, there is also a large community of players globally that makes the game even more interesting. They have played a big role in making sure lots of people play online video poker.

Jokers Wild

This variant of casino video poker is also referred to as the joker poker, and as the two names imply, the joker here can be used to substitute any other card on the deck to make up a winning hand. This creates a twist in the game that makes it interesting to follow and at the same time it makes the odds of winning somehow greater.
When it comes to playing this game, one is dealt with five cards, and the objective of the game will be to keep all the best cards so as to have the perfect hand. The player of video poker games online has the option of discarding all the cards that they do not want while keeping the ones that they wish to retain.
This game is enjoyable, simple and at the same time very easy to learn, as players at different levels of experience can play video poker free online. It is also very popular online owing to the extensive community of followers that makes it a must have for every only sporting company.

Aces and Faces

This game has some pretty and very clear instructions that make it very easy and enjoyable to play as a free online video poker game. This is also one of the variants of the popular Jacks or better due to the incorporation of the faces and aces when it comes to the formation of the formation of fours of a kind that is J, Q, K, and A.
The game deploys the standard deck of 52 cards just like the one for jacks and better while the payout starts as down as those in jacks or better. According to the pros in this particular game, there is recommended hands that deploy a standard school of thought.
In the majority of the cases, it advocates for the player to go for a four of a kind, Royal flush or Straight Flush first if this move is applicable. In the event that this combination is not possible or applicable depending on the kinds at hand, the next move should be a flush, full house or straight. And remember you can always play video poker online for real money. That said and done, it is refreshing to find free video poker games to play and go for the real money options in the event that you want to mint some cash out of your playing. There are numerous platforms for doing this.