Online casino roulette

Step right up and spin the red and black wheel of dreams! Casino roulette online is a hugely popular pastime for millions of people hoping to strike it lucky and double their cash in the single spin of a wheel. The roulette wheel has captured the imaginations of players for centuries, and now it’s here in digital format.
Roulette spans back as far as the middle ages, and has its origins in continental Europe, most likely in France. It came to America with the first pilgrims who set up French colonies and eventually spread across the continent. Casino online roulette is just the latest chapter in a centuries-long history. It’s one of the most popular online casino games, and in the list below you will find several great offers from casinos offering online roulette!


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There are actually several different styles of roulette, which veteran players will probably be familiar with. European style roulette has only one ‘green’ pocket, whereas American style versions of the game insert two ‘green’ pockets. Both versions are available for players of casino roulette online. Online casinos have also come up with their own styles, with some games featuring bonuses such as free spins if you land on a particular number.
Online casino roulette dates back to the very beginning of digital online gaming. It was one of the first casino games to make an appearance on the world wide web, with early game designers like Playtech and Microgaming pioneering the first digital roulette wheels. Today, those looking to play roulette online for fun can enjoy digital versions where spins are determined by a random generator or can instead opt for live dealer versions were a real dealer will spin a physical roulette wheel at a land based casino, all fed to you via live video feed.
The best online roulette casinos should actually offer a variety of all of these options. Since roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world, great casinos tend to maximize player options by offering live games as well as digital versions. Those who want to play roulette online will have all options. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.

Playing roulette online – what style is best

As previously mentioned, there are three distinct styles of roulette on the web – digital European style, digital American style, and live roulette. Now we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of each.
European Style Digital Games – The European style is the original game, and makes use of only one ‘green’ pocket on the wheel. The green pocket is there to give the house a slight edge, but this comes with a catch, if a player decides to bet on the green pocket and it happens to come up the payout will be a whopping 35-1. The green pocket is a feature of every casino roulette game.
American Style Digital Games – The American style roulette wheel uses two green pockets instead of one. Some players prefer this, whereas some feel it gives the house and even bigger edge and so avoid American style games. It will really depend on your appetite for risk and your betting strategy whether you prefer European or American games when you play online roulette.
Live Games – Live games could be either European or American style, depending on the casino you select. Some offer both, allowing you to choose your preferred type. The difference is that whereas you would play at a digital table with a computer algorithm determining the outcome in digital versions, the live games will allow you to enjoy roulette gambling as if it were the real thing, with a dealer spinning the wheel, all fed to you via video stream from a real world casino. The upside of this is that it’s more social and many argue more enjoyable. The downside is that it will require a much faster internet connection and may chew data on mobile phone plans.
Whichever roulette casino game you decide on, make sure having fun is your number one priority. This is one of the best games for relaxing, getting into the groove of the game, and enjoying ‘lucky streaks’ when they decide to show their faces. Play roulette for fun first and profits second and you can’t go wrong.
That said, there are some tried and tested ways to increase your odds of winning and walking away with a stack of cash. Let’s explore those now.

Roulette strategy – how to win

While it should always be priority number one to play roulette online for fun rather than as a moneymaking venture, nobody is shy to juicy jackpots either. Everybody wants to play to win, and taking home several times your bet will only make it all the more fun in the end!
Over the years there have been many online roulette gambling strategies, with the worst of them trying to figure out the algorithm of the digital driver behind the wheel, spending hours and countless spins trying to figure out exactly when the wheel is programmed to pay out. Whether or not these may have worked in the past, you will have virtually zero chance with them as online wheels are now powered by advanced programs which defy the ability to calculate and figure out. Cheating is not an option at any roulette casino online.
Yet there is a much simpler strategy which works most of the time. As any experienced gambler knows, most of the time is the best we can hope for when it comes to strategy! So what is this tried and tested strategy that usually allows players to win playing roulette online?
It’s called the double down strategy. The idea behind this old trick is that a certain event, say a roulette wheel landing on red, will only happen so many times in a row before the law of averages kicks in and it lands on black. For example, when is the last time you saw a wheel come up black 20 times in a row? It’s extremely unlikely, and this is what the double down strategy seeks to take advantage of when playing casino roulette games.
The double down strategy simply involves picking one colour, sticking to it, and doubling your previous losing bet. So, if you bet $10 on red and lose, next time bet $20, and if you lose again, bet $40. If you win on the $40 third bet you will gain back everything you have lost plus your original stake, leaving you $10 up overall. Rinse and repeat, and you can walk away with quite a stack at the end of the game.
This works equally well in either a real world casino or when playing online roulette for fun.
Of course, you’ll have to have the bankroll to support doubling down on your previous bet constantly. From time to time a freak event will happen and the same colour will come up many times in a row, but this is rare and when it does happen it’s just part of the game and you have to accept it. Most of the time, though, this doesn’t happen in the course of roulette casino games.

Where to play roulette

Picking a casino to play at is one of the biggest challenges for new players who aren’t familiar with online casinos and aren’t sure what to look for. Whether you want to play a roulette game for fun or for a chance to bet real money and win, you’ll need to consider the following things when picking a casino.
Reputation – If you stick to our list of recommended providers, this won’t be a problem. We’ve already assessed these casinos against strict standards for you and we know for a fact that they all have sterling reputations. Always consider the reputation of the casino when looking for the best online casino for roulette.
Bonuses – A great casino should offer you an enticing incentive to play at their site versus another. If you’re a totally new player you may be surprised to know that many casinos offer you a matching bonus, meaning you can deposit $X and they will double it provided you use the money to play at the casino. Always look for a healthy bonus when searching for the best online roulette casinos.
Games – For the purposes of roulette players, be sure the casino offers the game style you want to play. Many offer both European and American versions as well as live games. Pick one that suits your needs and offers any other games you might like to play as well. If you’re totally new to any game and want to know more, ask the customer service team via live chat how to play roulette online or anything else you might want to know.
Other Features – Many online casinos offer services in different languages, allow deposits in different currencies, and offer live support to players with questions. The best online casino to play roulette should offer all of these things.
We hope you’ve enjoyed this roulette guide. This really is one of the most fun, relaxing and enjoyable games to play at the casino, and has great odds for the player into the bargain.
We hope you now have an idea how to pick the best place to play roulette online. Stick with our list of approved partners and you can’t go wrong!