New casino bonuses 2020

For a long time now, online casinos have been known to grow and attract more players thanks to a number of reasons. For instance, the number of casino games, most of which come with new casino bonuses, that they offer continues to grow with every passing day, a fact that has seen many players come online to try them. Additionally, these casinos have also taken a big leap forward in improving the level of technology that is used in their platforms, again, something which has left many players excited to play online. But there is one factor that has stood out as one of the most effective in making sure that online casinos continue to be relevant and favorite among wagers compared to their brick and mortar competitors – new online casino bonuses. Several studies indicate that almost all if not all, online casino platforms offer bonuses, and it is undoubtedly a good thing to players.
How much do you know about the best new casino bonuses? This is certainly a question that you must ask yourself if you are indeed are out to make the most out of any available new casino bonus in 2020. So, what does that mean? It is simple. When you get to know the bonuses that are available to you, you will be in a position to decide which is the best for you and which one, at least according to you, is coming with favorable terms. Check out some of the best offers below.


01 Hyper Casino Hypercasino  170x68 2 Welcome bonus up to £300
18+. T&Cs apply. New UK players only.
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02 Dream Jackpot Dreamjackpot 100% welcome bonus up to £100 + 25 bonus spins
18+. T&Cs apply. New UK players only.
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03 SpinShake Spinshake 100% welcome bonus up to £50 + 25 spins
18+. T&Cs apply. New UK players only.
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04 Casino Super Wins Super wins Welcome bonus up to £3000
18+. T&Cs apply. New UK players only.
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05 PlayOJO PlayOjO 3 No wagering! Get 50 free spins on your 1'st deposit!
18+. T&Cs apply. New UK players only.
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06 Mr Play MrPlay online casino 100% up to ‎£200 + 100 free spins + 100 free spins
18+. T&Cs apply. New UK players only.
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Another important factor that you should keep in mind is the fact that you can use the bonuses to prolong your time of playing. However, cashing out of bonuses directly depends on the casino in question.
Some new casino bonuses online are available to different types of players. For instance, there are some bonuses that are purely a reserve for new players who register in a casino. Such new UK gambling bonuses are meant to encourage new customers to sign up. There are occasions where you will get some cash deposited in your account once you complete your registration.
On the other hand, it is definitely of much importance to be aware that new casino bonuses in the UK vary a lot depending on the casino that is offering them. It is not like all bonuses come at a uniform rate or percentage across all casinos in the United Kingdom. Each casino offers what it believes is the best for its players.

Types of new casino gambling bonuses in 2020

Welcome bonuses

This is definitely the most used sign up bonus, although it can’t really be considered a new casino bonus in 2020, it’s been around for a while. It is given to new players upon completion of the sign up process. The welcome bonus can be either based on a certain percentage, for instance, 100% of the deposit, or a fixed bonus amount.
This can sound a bit complicated especially for someone new in the online gambling world but let us have a look at some examples that will help make things much easier.
But that said and done, you should take note that you will need to do a lot of research in order to authoritatively know which of the new casino gambling bonuses in 2020 are the best one for you, and how you can get them.
Here is a good example in order to understand this kind of bonus.
Let’s say Casino Y gives a 50 % bonus of up to $200 on a player’s initial deposit. That means, in the event that you deposit the $200, you will get $100 which is 50% of the $200 which you deposited. Therefore, your total account balance will read $300 which is the original $200+$100 bonus.
Casino X, on the other hand, gives a 100% MATCH welcome bonus upon your first or initial deposit of up to $200. If you will not manage the $200 and instead you deposit $100, you will get an additional $100 to match up your deposit. So, your account will be credited with a total of $200 ($100 first deposit+$100 bonus).
Basically, the welcome bonus is one new online casino bonus that literally took the online gambling industry by storm. It has also lived up to its purpose.

No deposit casino bonuses

This is yet another widely used casino bonus and new offer among many online casinos. It is mainly available to new players in order to encourage them to open up accounts in a casino. Once you finish opening your account, the casino will automatically credit your account with some fixed amount of money or free spins. The good thing about this type of bonus is the fact that you will not be required to make any deposit before getting your bonus. The no deposit casino bonus, which has found its way into the list of the best new casino bonuses in 2020, is available in two types. They include:
Cashable – Here, players are allowed to withdraw both the bonus and the winnings which you will have made, subject to terms and conditions.
Non-cashable – Players are only allowed to use this type to play. But the winnings that you will make by playing, without using your own money, will be yours, subject to terms and conditions.

Free spins

Just as the name of this bonus suggests, a player is given some free spins on certain slot casino games. This bonus, just like any other, comes with its own share of conditions of requirements that one must adhere to especially when you want to claim your winnings. It is also a type of new casino bonus online in 2020 that many players are really enjoying.

Exclusive, VIP and Loyalty bonuses

These are other types of bonuses that are also shaking the online gambling industry. The loyalty bonus is offered to long-standing players and is basically based on the number or amount of loyalty points that you will accumulate within a certain period of time. You can exchange the points for some money of the same value fully pegged to the conditions tied to the new UK casino bonuses.