Welcome to Asia: IGT featured first slot game of the year Fortune Coin

25. January 2020
Fortune coin slot

Asian culture is something that always attracts attention, due to the great visual side as well as the symbols that have different and unknown meaning behind. The culture is outstanding with the colors and elements that are very fascinating to the rest of the world. 
IGT, the online slot game developer, released a new Asian themed video slot game, Fortune Coin. The game was released on the 23rd of January, which is also one of the greatest stars of the year for the developer company. The slot game features Asian culture and it interesting with the visuals and all Asian elements that are present in the game.
Due to the decent job of the developer IGT, the game has an impressive RTP rate of 96.20%, meaning that the winning possibility is relatively high. The company has also cared about the visual side of the game and has come up indeed with nice icons and animations.


The Fortune Coin is all about the Asian theme and the lucky elements that the culture has inherited. There will be some of the interesting elements present in the game. The game has Scatter and wild symbols, the bonus game and something that is especially exciting the progressive jackpot.  
While playing the game, you will be able to explore the treasure that the Asian culture holds, which is the wealth of the Far East. The graphics of the slot game are very nice, they come with great colors, include many shiny and colorful icons. The background image is the forest, which is colored in blue.


The gameplay of the slot game, the game comes with 5 reels and 243 paylines, meaning that there are quite a lot of ways to win the cash prize. There are eleven regular symbols. Those symbols include koi fish, a turtle, a golden ornament, an armor, six pair of playing cards, all of them different, and three lions. 
There are wilds in the slot game. The best description of the Asian culture is the dragon, and consequently, this is the Wild symbol game. There is also something very unique about the game itself. All of the reels contain stacks of symbols that can turn into any other symbol, except bonus symbols. This happens at the beginning of each spin. There is a high possibility that at least one coin symbol on the reels will activate the Fortune Coin feature. This means that each of the coin symbols can activate up to 20 free spins during the gameplay. It can also deliver the cash reward or even the progressive jackpot reward.
All you have to do is to get at least three bonus symbols, which are dragon heads on the specific reel. This will activate up to 20 free spins this will bring you an additional chance to activate the progressive jackpot and ger great cash reward.

Here you can play Fortune Coin