Weekly 25% bonus up to £100 with Genesis Casino

27. January 2020
Genesis casino weekly bonus

Genesis Casino is the place where you can never get bored as there is always space to explore and the room for development. Genesis Casino has been successfully operating in the market for several years already and during this time has not once offered great promotions and opportunities to the players. 
The competition in the gambling industry is very high and especially with the technological development and the development of the online casino sector, it is not easy to be the leading one unless you have a word to say in the sphere.
This time, Genesis casino offers a new promotion for the customers. The promotion is all about weekly bonuses and great chances to win. The working week can be really busy and hard to take, meaning that you always have to have something for personal relief and to relax. Genesis Casino offers this opportunity, moreover, not only you can try different new games but have the weekly bonuses and wins during the whole week.
Weekly Bonus with the Genesis Casino is something that you can do throughout the whole week and get bonuses on Friday. The procedure is very easy. As the Genesis Casino is all about the cosmos and exploration of the space, you can explore the welcome bonuses while exploring different themed games. In order to get the weekly bonus, you have to make at least a £50 deposit from Monday till Thursday. The reward for the deposit is 25%, which is up to £100 bonus. You will receive the bonus on Friday.
While participating in the promotion, you can still withdraw your own deposit money at any willing time without any restriction, except those stated in the General Terms and Conditions.
The general Terms and Conditions of the Genesis Casino are pretty much the same as all other casinos. You have to be legal ae in order to make an account on the website. Once you have provided all the required information, your account will be activated.

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