The Wheel of Fortune Re-invented to Wheel of OJO

24. oktober 2018
PlayOjO wheel

Although it is a rule that no one should ever re-invent the wheel of fortune, what if someone came up with a new concept, which would make it rounder, faster, bigger and better, funfully…? Wait, is that even a word?

Nevertheless, you get the point that we are trying to put across, don’t you?

Well, someone at Play OJO Casino has gone against the written rules and re-invented the wheel. Are you curious to know how? Well, continue reading below…

Introducing the unique Wheel of OJO

This year, things have been bigger, better and more exciting than ever before at Play OJO Casino. The casino has re-invented the Wheel of Fortune and dubbed it as the Wheel of OJO. And from 1 January 2018 to unspecified date you are going to have your mind blow away with free cash, free spins, points and other goodies through the casino’s Wheel of OJO promotion!

How can you receive the freebies?

It is simple, every time you play at Play OJO casino, you will earn points. Amass enough points to unlock a special level after which, you can spin this fantastic wheel to be rewarded with the freebies.

WHAT IS in store for you?

The answer to this question depends on where the pointer lands on the wheel of OJO.

  • If you land on the ‘Wheely Easy’ section, you are guaranteed to win something. Usually, the rewards are free spins
  • If you land on the ‘Wheel Deal’ section, you are playing for bigger prizes. It could mean more free spins, more cash rewards but it could also mean no reward at all
  • ‘Are you for Wheel!!?’ section is a ‘MEGA PRIZE or NOTHING’ section where everyone wants to land on. MEGA free spins, MEGA cash rewards and MEGA surprises await you here

Of course, in order to participate in the Wheel of OJO you will need to have an account with Play OJO Casino. If you still have not opened one already, head there and register for free. And while you are at the casino, grab yourself their juicy welcome bonus too. Doesn’t sound bad now, does it?


Click here to start playing the Wheel of OJO!