The UK lift lottery gambling age

20. August 2020
The uk lift lottery gambling age

Technically gambling at the age of 16 is illegal in the UK, as the kid is not considered to be of legal age until 18 years old. Thus, there have been some blue holes in the jurisdiction, and consequently, teenagers are eligible to gamble on scratch cards at the age of 16 already.

New law

Carolyn Harris, who is the Labor MP and the chair of the Gmabling Related Harm All-Party Parliamentary Group made an announcement earlier this week, that the lawmakers came up with the decision to increase the legal gambling age to 18 instead of 16.

According to Carolyn Harris, the earlier teenagers start to gamble the higher are chances for gambling addiction. People as well as lawmakers and different programs have already been tackling this issue for quite a long time and seem to make great progress, though there is still a lot to prevent and implement.

The law regarding the increased age limit for the lottery and scratch cards will not be enforced until 2023. This is because of the existing contracts with the National Lottery and Uk Gambling Commission. The contract ends in 2023, and right before signing the following contract, the new law shall be implemented. The contract is on the other side signed due to the lottery license which expires only in 2023 and thus can not be terminated.

The time for changes

Harris is not the only person who makes the comments regarding the measures which have been announced. Dr. Steve Sharman, who is the research fellow at the School of Psychology at the University of East London also published the results of the research conducted by the university.

According to the research, a statistically robust link between youth gambling and adult gambling addiction exists and is very real. Thus, the earlier people begin to gamble the harder it is after to give up gambling and persist the formation of the addiction. 

According to Sharman, lifting the age limit is a very small step forward, but it is very significant and initial in the process of tackling the gambling-related harm problem in the country. This is all about preventing children from the additional harm which can be caused by gambling. The gambling should be restricted to 18 and over, and maybe there are some chances of further prevention of serious problems as well.

The Camelot Group is another one to support the new legislation and expressed gratitude for changing the 25-year-old trend of people being able to gamble at the age of 16. Camelot Group CEO, Nigel Railton mentioned in his interview that they support the new law fully and appreciate the change very much. He also said that the time for some changes has come and it is essential to make some steps further in order to make the future for the youth safer.