The Slotsmillion Slunchbreak

17. May 2019
Slotsmillion Slunchbreak

Just like the rest of the world, you are probably one of those people who love to enjoy their lunch break. If you are also someone who enjoys a good game of slots, boy do we have an exclusive offer from Slotsmillion for you. Slunchbreak is an opportunity, Mondy through Friday, to get your hands on some free spins, without much hassle or the paperwork that you are evading during lunch. So how does it go?

Be free for Slunchbreak to get some free spins

Every weekday, meaning Monday through Friday, anyone who takes off from work at any point from 11 AM to 1 PM will have a chance to receive some bonus free spins from Slotsmillion. All they have to do is make a deposit within that two-hour window and Bam, free spins. The free spins can be applied to any of the slots games that Slotsmillion casino has to offer. All you have to do to receive the spins is get in touch with the support team to receive the spins.
Anyone who logs in from their laptop, the or tablet or their phone during this time and deposits some money will be eligible to receive the free bonus free spins, which will be just enough to remain entertained for the lunch break, right before going back to the paperwork stack you left on the table. The minimum deposit to qualify for the bonus spins is 20 pounds, with no upper limit. In exchange, you get 20 free spins to play around with when playing your favorite slots game. And those 20 free spins happen every time you deposit at least 20 pounds. So you could make three deposits of 20 pounds or more with Slotsmillion, and get 60 free spins for your lunch break! Delectable indeed.

Get 20 free spins during lunch break with Slotsmillion