The Red Tiger Gaming released new mobster-themed slot 5 Families

13. September 2020
The red tiger gaming released new mobster themed slot 5 families

5 Families slot game is the new release of Red Tiger Gaming. The developer was obviously inspired by the TV shows and stories about the mafia and the gangster bosses. The slot game has the mobster-theme as the base and offers simple gameplay with very basic symbols. 

The slot game is of medium volatility, though according to the payout and the RTP rate of the game, it looks like low volatility more or less.

The RTP rate of the game is also below the average, which is 95.57%. This is not an ordinary RTP rate, especially for the medium volatility game. The maximum payout of the game can be 1,000x the total stake, which is definitely not the best offer ever made by Red Tiger Gaming. 


The slot game comes with regular 5 reels and 10 paylines, which is very normal for the medium volatility slot. You should also be able to use the auto spin feature. There might be up to 100 auto-spins during the gameplay. Though, after activating the auto spins, you should also indicate the maximum loss limit. 

As mentioned above, the slot game offers very simple gameplay accompanied by the simple features. If you are looking for some extra features or bonuses, this is not the right place to look for and definitely not the right game either. 

The game only offers some decent multipliers and the VIP Room feature. There are no bonuses and there is no progressive jackpot. The VIP Room feature is as good as it will get during the gameplay. In order to activate this feature, you need to land the winning combination and the bullet will be added to the chamber of the revolving, which is placed exactly above the reels. 

Each unsuccessful spin is followed by the removal of each bullet from the revolver. If you get on a winning steal and land 5 wins in a row, the revolver should soon fill up with the bullets. If this happens, you get a chance for the VIP Room feature. 

Besides this, once in a while, you should activate the winning combination via receiving the 5x multiplier boost. This means that the Al Capone guy symbol should pay you out from 10 to 100x multiplier. This is a big growth, especially that in the base game, this symbol only offers up to 20x the stake payout. During the VIP Room feature, you can get the 1000x payout. The additional good thing about the VIP Room feature is that you can set the autoplay, before reaching the VIP Room multipliers. 

Design and symbols 

The game is inspired by the mobsters, and thus it should not be surprising to see a lot of objects and elements that are involved in the theme. There are 9 symbols present in the game in total. Those symbols include the AL Capone looking guy, the Whisky, cup, revolver, bullets, poker chips, and briefcase. 

Those symbols are all different. The highest paying symbol of them all is the briefcase, which is full of loot. The least paying symbol is the gun. Besides the elements and the symbols of the mobster theme, there is the jazz and smoky soundtrack present in the game. 

Overall, the slot game is okay for the new players, but will definitely not be the choice for the experienced players. The gameplay is very simple and the wins are frequent. While this is not the best ever game offered by the Red Tiger Gaming, it is the one which shall find its own players.

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