The Norwegian responsible gambling campaign by local operator

24. March 2020
The norwegian responsible gambling campaign by local operator

According to the article on, Norway has been struggling to maintain the gambling industry within the legal frame. With the introduction of online gambling platforms, the numbers of players and those interested have been steadily increasing over time. Overseas, often unlicensed operators are promoting their products in Norway, endangering the money of thousands of people.

Since the overall number of players is increasing, so is the portion of problem gamblers. These are people that often start gambling to relax or have fun with friends but later find themselves in the middle of financial turmoils due to their problem gambling. This addictive behavior can be problematic not only for customers and their families but for operators as well.

In an attempt to make a visible and tangible improvement in this regard, the Norwegian operator Lotteri-og stiftelsestilsynet (Lotteritilsynet) launched a new major campaign. It is particularly targeting the aim to outline risks of potential problem gambling while encouraging players to choose licensed, well-trusted operators.

The decision of launching such a campaign was not made without a firm base. The latest research by the regulator says that an estimated 34,000 people in Norway struggle with problem gambling while roughly 88,000 more are at high risk of soon falling under the same category. These are alarming numbers that require adequate responses.

The Lotteri-og stiftelsestilsynet director Gunn Merete Paulsen asserted “If you add everyone around the player who is also affected by the gambling addiction, there are a lot of people; we want to show how brutal and painful gambling addiction is, but also how people can get the best help,”

Lotteritilsynet puts particular focus on highlighting the impact of problem gambling on those close to us. The campaign outlines the financial, mental and even physical consequences that irresponsible gambling and addiction ca cause. It significantly affects our families, friends, and relatives.

The campaign further bolsters the importance of gambling on trusted platforms that are acknowledged by the Norwegian government. To date, Norsk Tipping is the only operator allowed to offer digital gambling services to customers in Norway.

Norsk Tipping, besides being the only legal online operator in Norway, also takes more social responsibility, trying to tackle problem gambling and financial difficulties among its customers. Unlikes overseas operators, Norsk Tipping sets a specific money limit that can be played within a particular time period. This approach prevents potential devastating consequences for individuals and their families.

Paulsen further commented on the issue:“ While Norsk Tipping contacts players who are at risk for problems and asks them to play less, foreign gaming companies do the opposite: they contact players and ask them to play more. Those who have a problem with gambling, or who are at risk of developing one, are also the ones who notice the most about bonuses, betting odds, free games and gifts in gambling advertising. This tool markets foreign gaming companies on a large scale.”

The lack of awareness is a significant problem in Norway, where the majority of players do not know what operators are allowed to do. More specifically, 6 out of 10 people in Norway are not aware of operators that are permitted to offer gambling services in the country. This leads to the current situation in which overseas operators are almost dominating the market. Paulsen deeply believes that the late campaign can make a tangible improvement in this regard.

She said that foreign gambling platforms advertise their products a lot more. They offer particular types of attractive bonuses that are rather appealing to Norwegian players. As a result, the majority of users on the web turn towards them instead of playing on more trusted and recognized platforms. Paulsen expressed her genuine hope that the campaign will make a change here as well. She is certain that the information spread through this process will help many across Norway realize that overseas operators are not to be trusted.

The main platform for the campaign will be which is visited by a big number of Norwegian customers who want to buy or sell different products. It is a very popular platform in the country, which is the reason why the marketers decided to make it the main backbone of the campaign. Paulsen further highlighted that many problem gamblers from  Norway visit to sell items from the home to raise funds for gambling.

“Many Norwegians go to when to buy or sell, and some of the regular ads that lie there are completely real, but there are some are there to sell a cabin or car because of gambling debts,”

With this major campaign, Paulsen and her team hope to raise awareness about problem gambling while encouraging Norwegians to play on trusted platforms.