The East & West Virtual Expo will be gathering 10,000 visitors

11. September 2020
The east and west virtual expo will be gathering 10000 visitors

BetConstruct recently made an announcement regarding the launch of the East & West Virtual Expo which will take place on September 29-30 this year.

This virtual exposition which is going to be free, will gather thousands of exhibitors and visitors that will flow in from all sorts of different industries including ones that have to do with payments, iGaming, as well as blockchain technology.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, the BetConstruct team decided to use the most advanced technology and their extensive expertise to help the industry keep moving forward and in parallel saving resources – time, money, and nature.

According to the most recent estimations, there are about 300 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors expected to show up at the expo and participate in the two-day event where they will be able to connect and interact in a real-life environment that is perfect for networking and getting acquainted with different industries.

As part of the virtual exposition, there will be live events such as multiple discussion panels and product presentations. The virtual halls and booths created by PandaMR are going to create the impression of attending a real-life exposition as much as possible, where an estimated 300 exhibitors from multiple different industries will showcase their products and everything they have to offer. During the main event, as well as all the other discussion panels and product presentations, which there will be a lot of, the organizers actually encouraged exhibitors to provide special offers and extras during the event, which increases the feeling of attending a normal exposition.

The East & West Virtual Expo will be featuring distinctive tools and different sorts of resources in order to back the event with every necessary feature to make it as put-together and high-class as possible. This is in fact what creates the atmosphere that resembles that of a real-life expo. Other than the exhibitors being able to present their products and goods they will also be able to connect with the visitors and other participants of the event via voice and video chat. Not only that but there will also be different spaces and “rooms” which have specifically been created for private meetings between the attendants of the East & West Virtual Expo. 

Vigen Badalyan, the CEO of BetConstruct recently made an announcement regarding the  East & West Virtual Expo. “We are happy to welcome our peers and everyone interested in connecting with the iGaming industry. Using cutting-edge technologies and our knowledge, we hope to reinvigorate and reconnect the industry,” revealed the CEO in his statement.