Pop Rocks slot game based on PopWins mechanism – review

8. May 2020
Poprocks slot

If you are looking for something very extravagant and very exclusive in the market, the brand new game from Yggdrasil is for you. The Pop Rocks is one of the most unique games available for the players in the online casino market. The game was produced through the collaboration of Yggdrasil and Avatar UX. This means that the slot comes with the PopWins mechanic, which is the new word in the online gambling industry. 

The game comes with ordinary 5 reels and less unordinary 486 way to win. Though, this is not the end as the number of winning ways might increase up to 33,614. This is an incredible feature available only with a number of games in the market. The great amount of winning possibilities is due to PopWins’ mechanism. 

The maximum jackpot can be 72,188x the stake. This is one of the highest jackpots available in the slot market and one of the most desired jackpots as well. The RTP rate of the game is another impressive part of the slot, which is 96.80%. The game also comes with the Multiplier feature and a Bonus Mode. 

The Gameplay 

The range of the bets you can place is from £0.10 to £30. With the high volatility of the game and the maximum stake being 72,188x, the winning can be incredibly big with the maximum bet. The hit rate of the slot is only 22% and you will not be able to win very often. Though, the win for every 4th or 5th spin is still not too bad. 

The most important and special part about the slot game is the PopWins mechanism and the feature. While this feature is activated, you can get the extra rows of symbols and the extra ways to win. This is exactly the moment when the paylines increase in amount. In order to do so, you need to collect pops. In order for symbols to pop, you need to win. Once the symbols in the combo pop, you get 2 instead of one for the reel. The maximum amount of symbols per reel is 7. This way, it is possible to increase the number of ways to win to 33,614. 

The PopWins feature also brings in other new symbols. The highest value symbols, gemstones are one of them. They payout as much as 250x the stake and can make the combination of themselves. The maximum stake of winning combination with 5 symbols can be 2,500x your stake.

The Multiplier bonus is activated once you collect seven pops. If activated, the feature will also add 1x to the value. There is no limit on the value of the multiplier. The last but not the least is the Bonus Mode. With this mode, you can get 7 symbols on all reels. Also, during the Bonus Mode, the wilds will be given randomly and the multiplier will be boosted by 2x. 


While the design of the game is definitely not something you should be looking for in this game, the features and the mechanism is something worth trying. The impressive jackpot is something that will most probably attract a lot of players, though it will not be for everyone’s teeth. 

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