Novibet casino and its VIP Club get you a chance to claim up to £4,000 every month

14. May 2020
Novibet vip casino cash

Novibet opened up about the £4,00 VIP Casino Club, which is exclusively for the VIP members of the casino. It is very interesting what you can get from the VIP membership of the online casino. 

With the Novibet online casino and VIP Casino Club the VIP member can get up to £4,000 monthly.

Everything depends on their activity and performance throughout the month. In order to become eligible for the VIP Casino Club, the player first needs to become the VIP member. 

In order to become the VIP member of the casino, all five Welcome Package procedures and levels should be completed successfully. Only after this, the player gets a chance to get the VIP membership of the casino. Once you are the VIP member, you should enjoy the benefits and all advantages that came together with the VIP package. 

In order to claim £4,000 on your account, you should be actively involved in the online casino performance throughout the whole month. The players will be collecting casino credits for the slots they play. The minimum amount of credits is £50 and the maximum credits are £150. The credits depend on the slot game. The list of the slot games and the credits is available on the promotion page. 

The VIP Casino Club prize pool is divided into seven levels. In the best-case scenario, the player can receive £4,000 a month. Though, in order to claim the cash, the participant needs to collect 1,000,000 credits. This means that you have to work hard and only after that play hard. The least amount of cash within the promotion is £50, for only 15,000 credits. The following levels are all determined by the following amounts and prices correspondingly. 30,000 credits = £100; 90,000 credits = £300; 150,000 credits = £500; 300,000 = £1,000 and 500,000 pints = £2,000. 

The credits can be used only once per month and only by one account holder. The credits can not be transferred to the following month. The winning will be credited to the player’s account within the first three days period of the following month.

Join VIP Casino Club and claim up to £4,000 all cash each month