Newbies Cashback Boost from Daisy Slots casino

28. May 2020
Daisy slots double cashback

Daisy Slots online casino offers you an incredible opportunity to join the online casino and receive incredible cashback bonuses for simply joining it for a one month period. The Newbies’ Cashback Boost promotion is valid for 31 days.

The promotion is only valid for the players who create their accounts with the online casino for the first time. The cashback starts at 1%, though it increases time by time depending on how loyal of a player you become with the Daisy Casino. The cashback can reach up to 20%.

Not only does the online casino offer you the ordinary cashback for your deposits but the double cashback for every single deposit you make as well. What you have to do is, first of all, create an account with Daisy Slots online casino and make your first deposit. Every deposit made throughout the first month counts and contributes.

Take into consideration that bonus or cashback money will be claimed to your account on a daily basis. This means that your total amount of deposits will be defining the amount of cashback you get. This is not everything yet. If you make a deposit of £200 for instance and then decide to withdraw £50 from your winnings and £ 10 is left on your real money account, the cashback will only be calculated on the wagered money. This means that you will get (£ 200- £ 50- £ 10) x1%.

The bonus funds will be claimed to your account every 24 hours. This means that you have a whole 24 hours to make as many deposits as you can, in order to get more money on your account. The fewer withdrawals you make, the more you should get back.

As mentioned before, you start with only 1% cashback, yet you can get as far as 25%. In order to do so, all you have to do is stay loyal and try to make fewer withdrawals from your account. The maximum cashback amount can be claimed at the legend level, which is by the end of the month. So watch out.

The bonus funds which are claimed to your account are completely wagering free and do not have any additional charges. You can withdraw your funds any time you want. The general bonus terms and conditions apply to the promotion.

Join the Daisy Slots casino and get the Newbies Cashback Boost