Mining Fever: super slot for beginners by Rabcat

28. April 2020
Mining fever slot

The Mining Fever is the slot game by Rabcat. The slot game is the perfect choice for beginners and it offers a number of very interesting and attractive features. The game has low volatility, which means that it is good for beginners, but that also means the maximum audience. 

The volatility of the game is also defined by the small jackpot, which can be a maximum of 500x your stake. The RTP rate of the slot game is on the opposite very impressive, which is 96.13%. The maximum jackpot in the game can be 500x the stake or £20,000 in cash. As the maximum bet can be £40 with five reels. 

The gameplay

The slot comes with 5 reels and 243 ways to win. This is very impressive and means that many players can benefit a lot from the frequent wins during the gameplay. The minimum bet is £0.20 per spin and the maximum can be £40. As the title might tell you, the game is all about the precious metals. It is mostly about gold, silver and of course mining. 

Besides the great visual side of the slot game, the game also features some interesting features and modes which deserve your attention. The best paying symbol in the game is wild. It will pay you 25x your stake. This is available in a single combo. The unique feature of the will is that it can both contribute to the formation of a winning combination or form its own combination. 

There are three different scatter present in the game. Those scatter all represent the images of three dwarfs. The dwarfs are Bombur, Driller, and Thundar. If you manage to land two similar scatter on the same reel, you have a chance to play the mini-game. 

All three dwarfs have their own unique features. Driller can give you the Dwarven Drill. When this happens, the first three reels will all turn into the wilds. After the turnover is done, you will be given one additional free spin. Bombur is another dwarf with another feature for you. Bombur can give you a Dwarven Bomb. This means that you will be granted two free games. 

The last dwarf, Thunder gives you the Dwarven Hammer. This stands for granting you one free spin where the random symbols are used to fill up all positions on the two reels from the left to the right. This happens with the first two reels or the second and the third reel. 


The mining theme slot games are usually very popular among players. This might be due to the fact that mining is associated with money and prizes. It is not even surprising that there will be a dwarf present in the game, as usual in many cartoons the dwarfs are the ones working on mining. Besides the dwarfs, you will also come across some other symbols, such as precious metals like gold and silver. You will also see the lowest paying symbol Royals. 


The game is definitely one of the most outstanding ones with vibrant graphics and visuals, though the same can not be said about the rewards. While the game is perfect for someone new, it might be less entertaining and fun for the experienced players. 

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