Mega Ball slot game by Evolution Gaming offers a live casino experience – review

3. July 2020
Mega ball slot review

Evolution Gaming is one of the leading online slot game developers present on the market. This game developer has now introduced a completely new and very uncommon slot game, under the name of Mega Ball. The slot game is a mix of lottery, card and slot games. It is indeed very interesting and exciting news for the players. 

The game has very high volatility, yet that is justified by the high payout, which can be 100,000x your stake. With the maximum stake made during the gameplay, the cash reward can be as much as 10 million. So is this not enough for you to try your luck? 


This slot game comes with 5 reels and 5 rows, with a maximum of 20 pay lines. The RTP rate of the game can be up to 95%, which is relatively low, compared to the variance of the game. 

The game is all about getting as many winning lines as possible. This should happen the moment you buy your card. There is the very rare, but possible Mega Ball bonus feature, which pops up once every blue moon and can increase your winnings by 100x your stake. The game is very fast-paced overall, and you need to follow the flow of the game in order for it to get more and more exciting time by time. 

You only need to fill one line to win back your bet, so there is nothing difficult about the game itself. Something very interesting and even more exciting is that there is a live studio in the slot game. The live casino environment delivers the full vibe of the brick and mortar casino, You can even live chat with the dealer every time you feel like it. 

During the gameplay, you can play with up to 200 game cards per round. The betting range can be from £0.10 to £100. With the maximum stake, you can get the maximum reward. Once you have decided on the number of cards, and have decided on the best value for each card, the drawing starts straight away. Here, there is the classic lottery model in place with the drawing machine in the background of the game. 

As there is a maximum of 10 pay lines present in the game, the maximum of 20 balls will be drawn for each round of the game. A very good feature for the players, who love to play cards, is that the cards move around during the whole gameplay. The cards with the best chance of winning are placed on the top. This means that you can always see the potential of winning with the most exciting cards being in vivid positions. 

There are several types of jackpots present in the game. The jackpots depend on the lines and how you manage to fill the lines. 1 full line can bring you from 1x to 100x multipliers. 2 full lines equal from 5x to 500x the stake. Three full lines are from 50x to 5,000x the stake. 4 full lines are equal to 250x to 25,000x the stake. 5 full lines equal from 1,000x to 10,000x the stake. 6 or more full lines are equal to 10,000x to 100,000x your total stake. 


The developer has worked hard in order to offer you high volatility and a very lucrative game. The unique live casino design present in the slot game also assures that the player gets the best live casino experience. Overall, this is one of the best games for you to try, if you are looking for some extra excitement and some new experiences.

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