Meet the slot version of the Monopoly game from The Big Time Gaming

28. December 2019
Big time gaming monopoly

You have all at least once played Monopoly game, have not you? If not, then you must have heard about one of the most popular board games of all time. The game itself is very addictive and players tend to get into the game very much. Monopoly as the name says it all, is all about building your own properties and having a monopoly over the other. People of almost all ages are very keen on playing the monopoly and the game is all about the strategic moves you make in order to make your fortune. 

It was announced recently that the Monopoly acted as the inspiration for the new online slot game, Monopoly Megaways. The slot game fully has adapted to one of the best-known board games and who knows maybe this slot game gains the same popularity as the Monopoly board game.

The New Video Slot 

The developer and the designer of the game is the Big Time Gaming. They are known for their visuals and high-quality products. The new video slot is also very promising in these terms. The Monopoly Megaways was launched in December and surprised customers with great new features and visuals. Moreover, there is a very impressive RTP rate for the game, which is 96.39%. If you know what I mean. If you do not, then let me tell you that there are very high chances of the grand prize winner. 

The Visual

Once Hasbro has produced the Monopoly game the Big Time Gaming has launched the Monopoly Megaways. The developing company managed to take the whole board game that is on the table to the online video slot. The online slot game will feature many interesting features and symbols in the game. You will be able to find the crisp visuals including polished and shiny icons placed on the colorful reel positions, special effects and a view of aboard that depicts a big city.

The GamePlay 

The Monopoly Megaways has 6 reels and that offers up to 117649 ways for customers to win. Besides the reel number, the game offers regular ways of slots as well. It comes with ten regular symbols in the slot. The symbols are a car, six colorful playing cards, a dog, a ship and a hat. 

Once you win the prize every winning symbol is replaced with the new one, this innovative feature of the game is called reaction feature. There is a letter M in play. The M represents the wild symbol, which can also stand for the turned over W symbol. The wild symbol replaces all other symbols to help you develop a winning combo. There is Mr. Monopoly moves around the board after every win. In case you land on a property after the second reaction a house is added to the property. The strategy and the moves are pretty much the same as in the original board game.

The structure follows the Monopoly game even further. Once you get five houses you will activate Free Spins mode with multipliers. Whenever you land on a train station for the first time you immediately own it. Exactly the same applies to the utilities. The game also comes with several other features including the community chest feature that adds more houses to Property.

If you love the Monopoly board game, you should totally go for the slot game as well. Or if you play the video slot then make sure to try it on the table as well.

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