Inspired by safari and the Lion King: Serengeti Kings slot featured by NetEnt

16. February 2020
Serengeti kings slot

NetEnt is one of the best online casino game developers. NetEnt is famous for its incredible use of features in games and mesmerizing design or graphics. In this respect, Serengeti Kings is no different.

Serengeti Kings is another slot game by NetEnt. The game is very close to a safari-themed slot machine and is visually similar to the Lion King cartoons.

The developers definitely tried their best to make the game worthy of playing. They have created great visuals with likable, cartoonish icons and some interesting features.

The gameplay 

The Serengeti Kings slot game comes with 5×4 reels and 26 active paylines. This is not the highest range for NetEnt, although the RTP of 96.7% says it all about the game and its features. The slot games have minimum and maximum bets. The minimum is £0.01, while the maximum stake is £10. 

There are not any progressive jackpots present in the slot, although the maximum payout of the game can be as high as 1,300x. From then on, you can get 50x straight from the combination of wilds that come up in the game. The game comes with wilds, scatters, free spin features, and multipliers.

The slot game also offers the “buy” feature. This can happen once you land from 3 to 5 scatters on the reels. The best stakes come with different combinations of wilds. You cannot really expect anything big from the ordinary symbols, as they will pay 5x only. The best prize is when you are able to cover entire lines with wilds.

The game has two major modes. One of them is the Lion Spins, which also comes with the “day” mode. The other is the Panther Spins, which stands for the “dark” mode. Each of the games comes with 12 rounds. During these modes, you can collect the major symbols: lions and panthers.

By the end of these rounds, there will be a feature, responsible for collecting all of the symbols, gained in the previous games. The symbols will be multiplied by the multipliers and they might even turn into wilds. If you are lucky enough to land these two symbols on each other!

There are multipliers present on the active lines. The multipliers start from 1x and can go up and up. Until you keep on playing the rounds in the same mode. If you can manage to finish one mode with 12 rounds, then you will switch to another mode for another 12 rounds.

If you manage to land 3 or more scatters, you will be awarded 12 free spins. You can use them during the last round of the Lion and Panther modes.


The quality of the symbols is strikingly high. The design itself is inspired by safari and the Lion King. The theme is generally quite popular among slot game lovers. The game itself is well-made and makes the royal symbols look very interesting. The background of the slot game is a cartoon-style safari, which leads you through the mesmerizing plains of Africa. 

Here you can play Serengeti Kings