Gordon Ramsay-themed slot will be launched by NetEnt

9. March 2020
Gordon ramsay slot

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most prominent chefs in culinary history. What can we say? He has been extremely successful in his field. He has been cooking since the tender age of 19. He started his early career at North Oxfordshire Technical College. Initially, he studied hotel management. He explains haute cuisine as a complete accident.

After spending almost three years at Harvey’s, he moved to Le Gavroche in Mayfair. This is where he met Jean-Claude Breton, now his co-chef at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. His experience in upscale London restaurants brought him to the French Alps and by the age of 23, he completely moved to Paris. He got spotted by Michelin star chefs, Guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon. This marked Ramsay’s French period, giving him an insight into the classics of Gallic cuisine.

After this short account of Ramsay’s professional life, you should not be surprised to hear that his successes inspired a new slot game. Ramsay’s biography serves as the main theme and inspiration for an entirely new slot release from the online casino game developer, NetEnt.

One of the leading developers, NetEnt decided to dedicate a whole slot game to Ramsay and his culinary world. Soon, the world of casino games will be introduced to Gordon Ramsay and his kitchen. The slot game is entitled Hell’s Kitchen, showing some similarities to the TV show of the same name. The deal for the slot game has already been sealed by Global Merchandising Services.

NetEnt is a major developer studio, especially when it comes to online slot games. With a whole host of popular features and state of the art design, NetEnt has been at the forefront of gaming for some time already. NetEnt is fully in charge of putting Ramsay’s branded title together. The licensing manager of Global Merchandising Services, Jens Drinkwater commented on the new venture. We are expecting an insight into Ramsay’s kitchen and his signature moves. He highlighted that the developer will put all the efforts into incorporating the best features into the game. One thing is certain, the bar is set high!

Bryan Upton, one of the directors at NetEnt, added about the slots will give you a “taste” of Ramsay’s personality, too. He is not only known for his brash comments but also an uncompromising commitment to his restaurant, and the hospitality industry, as a whole.

He said that Ramsay’s personality, and his unmistakeable mannerisms, turned him into the star of Hell Kitchen. The multiple Michelin star owner will certainly draw a lot of attention from fans in the fine dining and gambling industry! According to Upton, Ramsay’s charisma will give developers plenty of material or inspiration. The game promises to be a very entertaining release, sprinkled with plenty of irony and humor. Upton finished saying that NetEnt is looking to launch the new product, in an attempt to give something special to their customers. We are eager to see how things pan out!