Gauselmann UK sets up safe gambling program in the UK

4. November 2020
Gauselmann uk sets up safe gambling program in the uk

There have always been concepts surrounding gambling, primarily due to the tendency of people to get addicted to it. After years of looking the other way, governments have been becoming more sensitive to these concerns, setting up rules and regulations to try and reduce this menace.

At the same time, gambling operators themselves have also been rolling out programs and schemes to help those who may have issues with gambling, as they recognize that it is their responsibility to society to help alleviate the problems caused by the product that they are selling.

There have been quite a few ‘safe gambling’ initiatives launched in the last few years as a result, especially in the United Kingdom where gambling remains an extremely popular pursuit, and the latest initiative by Gauselmann UK is just another step in this direction.

The program is named 360, and it aims to cement the company’s commitment towards social responsibility. It was developed in partnership with the Global Gambling Guidance Group (G4), which offers accreditation programs for organizations to create a responsible gambling culture, and to put systems in place to reduce the issues caused due to gambling addictions. G4 conducted an audit of Gauselmann’s practices, including a cultural assessment based on interviews with staff, and this has been included in the company’s UK-specific Action Work Programme.

Of course, Gauselmann is using the insight gained from this audit to ensure that social responsibility is at the forefront of the business and its decision-making, and it has set up a six-member Advisory Board of senior executives as well as external domain specialists to help in this regard. The Advisory Board will set targets and key performance indicators (KPIs), establish ways to measure success beyond just the bottom line, bring innovation and new ideas to discussion, and look at implementing best practice by looking at the experience of companies in different jurisdictions, as well as in different industries altogether.

One of the biggest results of 360 is the appointment of a Customer Experience Manager, who will report directly to the CEO, and will drive the objectives of 360 throughout the company.

According to the General Manager, Sascha Blodau, the company is committed to helping those who are vulnerable to gambling addiction, and those who are already experiencing problems from gambling, stating that it is ‘a journey without there actually being a final destination’, and that ‘you can never do enough’. This lines up with the company’s aim to be the best in everything they do, whether it is providing a superb experience at their casinos, their game design, customer service or now this, ensuring that problem gambling is tackled.

360 is therefore aimed to be one of the best safe gambling programs in the UK, with the aim being to hit the highest standards and deliver a safe gambling experience to all customers, but particularly those who may be vulnerable and prone to addiction.