Best European casinos for poker games

20. April 2018
Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club

Travelling is a great way to find an adventure, explore historic sights, discover yourself from a spiritual point, but it is also an amazing chance to experience a live game of poker and visit the most luxurious casinos and card clubs. Today we are going to take a look at the Europe’s finest places to play poker.

The Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club, Dublin, Ireland

Playing poker does not necessarily have to be expensive, and The Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club (aka The Fitz) proves it. There are daily poker tournaments running in the place, usually there is only one tournament a day starting around 8 pm. The buy-in is relatively modest, ranging from 60 EUR to 85 EUR. The place is known for its hospitality and a lively atmosphere. Also, an online booking is available for most of the poker tournaments.

Casino Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

A residence of the European Poker Tour, The Spanish Poker Championship and the World Poker Tour is located at one of the funnest, warmest and nicest European cities – Barcelona. The casino hosts a lively poker room, a huge area with various casino games, and quite many spots to entertain yourself as well as wine and dine. There is, on average, one poker game on a week day and two tournaments on Saturday with the buy-in ranging from 60 EUR to 250 EUR. The casino is situated at the artistic part of Barcelona – Poblenou, right on the beach.

International Hotel & Casino, Varna, Bulgaria

In case you are taking an unusual route for your trip and choosing Bulgaria as your destination, stay assured that the Black Sea coast has something nice to offer too. International Hotel & Casino located at the Golden Sands resort area features a brand new casino that hosts daily poker tournaments and cash games. During the summer times the casino is quite crowded, especially the poker area. The minimum buy-in at a cash game is set at 100 EUR and an entry to a tournament ranges between 50 EUR and 250 EUR. It is also truly a luxurious place to spend your vacation as the hotel is located right on the beach.

Portomaso Casino, Malta

Malta is the world’s capital of the online gambling, as the majority of the casino operators are headquartered there. However, it also has got some amazing offline gaming experience to offer too. The casino features daily poker tournament starting at 8pm every day with an entry costing anywhere between 40 EUR and 110 EUR. In addition to this, the casino hosts a great selection of various video slot machines, table games and an amazing restaurant to celebrate your victory.