Online casino blackjack

Playing blackjack online is a favourite pastime for millions of people from around the world. The sheer number of sites offering it is testament to this fact, and as the number of people coming online grows, the popularity of one of the best-loved games of all time is going to continue to grow.
While blackjack has been around in one form or another for hundreds of years, online casino blackjack first cropped up in the 1990’s when the early developers of the industry put together basic digital versions of it. These days, things have changed significantly and players can enjoy different varieties of the game, as well as live dealer versions with real-world dealers dishing out the card via live video stream.
Almost every online casino worth its salt offers blackjack casino games. We have gathered some of the best deals from online casinos offering blackjack games below.


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Blackjack players – which type are you? There are many different kinds of Blackjack, and the style you select will depend on what kind of player you are. Let’s take a look and see if you can recognize yourself in one of the following descriptions:
The ‘For Fun’ Player – Those looking to play blackjack for fun might not necessarily want to bet for a chance to win big hands. In fact, they might not want to bet at all and it is true that there are ‘play money’ games created specifically for this type of player. Several online casinos offer free bonuses you can use to try out blackjack games, before a deposit is required – these offers aim to cater to players who are just having fun. You should consider these if you’re looking for free online blackjack.
The Dabbler – Maybe you’ve played a few games of blackjack before and won a couple of hands. Your confidence and understanding of the game are both beginning to grow and you feel ready to start betting a little real money, even if it’s not much. There are lots of great sites with low buy-ins that will be happy to service you. Check out our approved partners list from real money casino blackjack games online. A lot of these sites offer a welcome bonus too, meaning you could play for free or at a reduced cost for a while.
The High Roller – You are the ‘big dogs’ of online gambling, with a bankroll to burn, who are looking to score some serious pots. Free blackjack online won’t be of any interest to the high-roller, who will want to start playing for real money and lots of it right away. Many sites will be glad to offer VIP services to high-rollers, including huge welcome bonuses and rewards. Talk to the customer service team at any of our approved partner sites to see what they will do for you if you fit the ‘high roller’ category. They can’t bring you a glass of champagne like they would at a real casino, but they can offer you other perks worth having.
The best place to play blackjack online really does depend on which of the above profiles you fit. Dabblers will want low to medium sized buy-ins, while high rollers will want big games with large buy-ins and no limits. Whatever your playing style and wherever you decide to play online blackjack be sure to stick to one of our recommended sites which have been thoroughly vetted and checked out by our team of casino experts. Whatever type of player you are, you’ll find something to suit.

Why do sites offer free games? Is it a trick?

Many new players who first encounter free blackjack games rightly wonder why online casinos offer them. After all, aren’t the casinos out to make money like any other business? Well, yes, but the truth is that free games are a great marketing tool and can give would-be players a taste of what a given casino is like.
There are also some other ways the casino can make money even when offering blackjack online free. They might run ‘sponsored’ games where an advertiser places a banner or logo on the screen, allowing the casino to generate revenue while allowing players to play without having to buy in. Of course, all the chips and prize money will be fake, but it can still be a lot of fun and a victory still feels great.
Blackjack free online also allows players to test the waters of a potential casino. Many don’t feel ready to commit to pay for play games, and so they like to dabble at the free tables first. Eventually, a certain number of them migrate across and play for real.
So, the short answer is NO, there is no trickery involved in free blackjack online. It’s simply a way to give players a taste of what the game is like and let them refine their strategies and skills, building their understanding while letting them come to learn whether or not this is a good casino site to play at. You can confidently sign up for a free game of blackjack online for fun. It is what it claims to be.

Blackjack strategy – a simple but effective way to win

If you practice a little and then decide to give real money games a go, there is one very simple blackjack strategy that beginner players can use to stay ahead most of the time. Remember that blackjack is, at the end of the day, a game largely down to luck, and any strategies you try to implement on real money blackjack games will only work ‘some’ or ‘most’ of the time – there’s always a chance that something improbable will happen, and you’ll just have to chuckle and take it on the chin. This is what makes playing fun, and being able to predict it perfectly would make it boring.
A highly useful beginner strategy is to simply follow the ‘rule of 18’. Remember that the aim of blackjack is to get 21 or as close to it as possible without going ‘bust’, with the higher number winning if neither the players nor the dealer reach 21. In this simple online blackjack gambling technique, players who have cards in their hand equaling 18 or above should not take any more hits, and should play with the cards they’ve got, whereas players who have under 18 have a higher chance of losing and should request another hit since they’re unlikely to win with the hand they’ve got. Of course, if the dealer has 21 your beat, but there’s nothing you can do to control that!
This may seem simple, but it’s one of the best strategies around, and means probability will always be in your favour and it will work on all the best blackjack online games.
Always remember that games against both live dealers and digital computer algorithms should be making use of multiple decks of cards or the equivalent. This makes the math of blackjack is extremely complex so strategies like card counting are not recommended, and would be all but impossible in online games anyway. It’s best to leave these ‘tricks’ at the door and just stick to good old fashioned tried and tested techniques when trying to win in a blackjack game online.
While developing an effective strategy is important, it is also crucial to remember that blackjack should mostly be about playing for fun. No matter which way you approach it, the house will always have a small edge and you shouldn’t go in to games hoping to pay off your mortgage in a single night (although it should be said, many players have done so). As you play, just relax, enjoy the flow of the game and enjoy online blackjack for fun.
If you approach the game this way, it will actually make any strategy you do try to implement more effective since you’ll be in a relaxed and clear thinking state of mind!

Where to play blackjack & what to look out for

When scouring the web for the best games it’s important that you sign up at a great casino site to have a superior experience. Our team of game experts has checked out virtually every site there is, and we have come up with a few recommended sites you can trust offering the best online blackjack games.
Priority number one is, of course, reputation. A casino site should be well-established, should have lines of happy players and reviews, and should have built a reputation for being a fair and legitimate destination for blackjack games online. All of our recommended sites tick this box.
A second concern is site security. These days online hackers are everywhere,and when playing any game online requiring your credit card or personal financial data, you should be 100% sure the site is as secure as Fort Knox. The sites we have recommended all use advanced encryption, making them virtually impenetrable to hackers,and meaning you can, without worrying, play online blackjack for real money.
A third concern is game quality. There are many different casino game providers out there and the quality varies depending on which firm is running the games at a given site. We’ve selected sites running games from the very best software houses in the world, meaning any of our selected sites will be a superior gaming experience when playing blackjack online. The last thing you want is interrupted play, dropped connections, sub-par graphics or hassle of any kind to ruin the mood. Stick with our picks and you won’t have to deal with any of that.
Lastly, look for a site that gives you a nice bonus to join up. Bonuses these days can be extremely generous and can mean hundreds of pounds of free casino cash in your player account. Since they are there for the taking, you might as well get your hands on them. All of our approved sites offer enticing welcome bonuses.
So, that’s our basic tips on how to play blackjack for real money. We hope it’s been informative and remember to have fun!