Bitcoin casinos

A Bitcoin casino is simply put an online casino where you can deposit funds with your Bitcoins. This makes it very simple to transfer money between yourself and the casino, and the process is normally a lot faster than other standard payment and withdrawal methods. There are some pros and cons with Bitcoins, mostly pros of course, and we will take a closer look at both sides in this section of our website. Online casinos try to make it as simple as possible for players to both sign up, deposit and make withdrawals. This is the number one reason why some online casinos started trying out Bitcoin as a payment option. If you are wondering what a Bitcoin is, it is a digital currency – we’ll explain this in detail later on. In this category we will keep you updated on news about Bitcoins, any new UK Bitcoin casino that starts accepting Bitcoins and of course when you can get a great Bitcoin casino bonus!
As you can see you’ll have plenty of options if you decide to try out Bitcoins. You can pick one to start with, but you can of course take advantage of all of them! There is a lot of good reasons to play with Bitcoins!
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Bitcoin casino games

A regular UK Bitcoin casino is pretty much the same as all the other casinos online – you can play the same games, win the same prizes and participate in the same slot tournaments as usual. The only difference is that you fund your account in a different way. Instead of using your credit card or e-wallets like Neteller or Skrill, you use Bitcoins to play with.
So it doesn’t matter if you are a slots guy, prefer table games like roulette and blackjack, or head straight for the Live Casino section in the casino – with the advanced technology now available, you can play all your favorite games in any online Bitcoin casino!

What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoins is a digital currency which doesn’t exist in the same way as other, traditional currencies. There is no coins, no notes, and no central bank regulating the currency exchange rates, like for American dollars, Euro or British Pounds. This is a free market currency where the price goes up and down based on the demand (buyers) and supply (sellers). This means that the exchange rate versus other currencies fluctuates a lot more, which increases the risk of playing in Bitcoin casinos. But this goes both ways – your Bitcoins can also increase a lot in value between your deposit and your withdrawal, so it’s actually possible to profit from the increased currency exchange rate as well!

Max available Bitcoins

While currencies controlled by countries and regions have the option to produce new notes to control the price, Bitcoins is not regulated by anyone. As Bitcoin is a digital currency it lives by its own rules, and there will never be over 21 million Bitcoins available. They are created at a steady pace, and will reach maximum in year 2140!
Bitcoins is maybe the most secure currency available, as it is fully encrypted and the only way to use a Bitcoin is to know the encrypted details (which only you know). This makes fraud nearly impossible!

Completely anonymously

All you have to do is to sign up with a Bitcoin provider, give your e-mail address and you are ready to go. If you want to play in a Bitcoin casino you can play 100% off the grid – no one will ever know your name, your address or your credit card details. While regular online casinos requires you to send in ID verification and a lot of other stuff, in a Bitcoin casino you just have to give them your unique Bitcoin ID – and no one will ever know how much you won!
Another big advantage of using the digital currency is that payouts goes a lot faster – almost immediate! Since the casino doesn’t have to know any information about you, they don’t have to make sure everything is in order before processing your withdrawal. They just see that you’ve won, you want to withdraw money, and they send it to you!


If you want to try out something new and totally anonymous, you should find the best UK Bitcoin casino available for you, and make a deposit in Bitcoins! It’s very easy to set up and once you get started, you’ll never look back! More and more online casinos starts accepting Bitcoins as a payment method, so it will only become more popular in the future. You can even get a hold of some Bitcoins now and earn money when the popularity and demand increases, since the Bitcoin price will go up!