Turned €2.50 into €52.000 at CasinoCruise!

April 27, 2016


We all dream about hitting the big score, but only a few of us will ever experience the thrill of reeling in the huge win. Marie G. made the impossible possible at CasinoCruise and won incredible €52.000!

The big win was awarded on the popular Mega Moolah slot. This is a progressive jackpot slot where the jackpot keeps growing as players continue to play. The bonus game offers several jackpot tiers, and this is where Marie G. won incredible €52 000 at CasinoCruise! If she had made it a bit further, the win would have been a lot, lot bigger!

Maybe the most incredible part about this story is the fact that she only wagered €2.50, and still managed to win huge! This is what she had to say afterwards: ”It was just unbelievable. At first I thought I had won only €52, but then I saw it was €52 000! It was an incredible feeling, and now we can finally afford to spoil ourselves a bit!”

CasinoCruise is thrilled to have produced yet a big winner, and spoesman Lloyd Apter congratulated Marie G. with her win and said that the team at CasinoCruise is popping open champagne bottles in celebration of her win.

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