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In this fast-paced industry it is vitally important to keep up-to-date with all the latest online casino news, but from a player’s perspective this is somewhat time consuming and frankly - where do you start? This is where we come in. Our team has your back and we do the leg work of searching for all the relevant casino industry news and then bring it to you here.

In the UK alone, the online gambling sector is worth £3.6bn and being such a lucrative market, this entices more and more companies to apply for a gambling licence upon these shores which in turn creates a great deal of UK casino news to be reported. We keep you posted on everything that can be interesting and beneficial for you!

Latest online casino news

Let us take the strain and separate the good, the bad and the ugly so you know which casinos are legit and offer you the best deals to play in them. This has never been more important in light of the recent online gambling news regarding the FutGalaxy verdict in which two men were convicted of running an illegal gambling operation online.

Most recently launched online casinos

If you are a player who likes to try out the newest places in town, then our casino online news site is the place for you to start to discover which new UK casinos have just opened their doors. There are numerous options now available to players such as the variety of games on offer and the currencies used – for example; do they accept Bitcoins?

Keeping tabs on the new kids on the block is part of the essential gambling news we provide and knowing as much information as possible about an online casino is important before deciding to join.

Latest online gambling technology

Hardly a week seems to go by without some new piece of tech hitting the market, and with online gambling being such big business; companies are always looking to push the envelope to offer something new and fresh to maintain their present players and attract new ones through their doors.

The rise in popularity of mobile casinos is making a lot of gambling news online headlines at the moment. Yet it won’t stop there; virtual reality casinos are now popping up and the possibilities which VR technology offers could well change this industry forever. Rest assured, when the latest gambling news hits the newsstands you will hear about it here first.

Online casino complaints

Our casino gambling news site is not solely about mega jackpots, welcome bonuses and the latest games. It also covers issues of a more negative nature when required.

While the UK offers one of the safest places for players to gamble online due to it being overseen by the Gambling Commission, there are still incidents which occur with registered operators and it is our job to bring them to your attention. Controversies such as an operator stalling a player’s withdrawal request or worst still the casino totally refusing to payout do sometimes happen. Although these a few and far between, as a paying player, it is only right for you to have all the facts (both good and bad) in front of you when choosing which online casino to partner with.

In summary, if it is casino news, it is our business to let you know. This is a vast industry and it can appear quite daunting especially for new players just entering. Gambling is a source of entertainment and thus it should be enjoyable, and we strive to help you make the right choices and avoid the wrong ones.

Choosing the wrong casino could well spoil that enjoyment factor but picking the right one will undoubtedly enhance the pleasure of playing – and that’s what we want to help you decide on.